What will be the new image and video formats on Instagram in 2024?

Image format trends on Instagram in 2024

The dominance of interactive stories

Instagram continues to drive user engagement through interactive stories. In 2024, brands will massively adopt this ephemeral and engaging format to communicate with their audience. Interactive stickers, polls, and Q&As remain popular tools for engaging with subscribers in a more authentic way.

The advent of vertical formats

Vertical formats are taking up more and more space on Instagram in 2024. With the widespread use of large-screen smartphones, users are favoring vertical content which offers a more immersive experience. Brands are adapting their visual content to respond to this trend and maximize their visibility.

The rise of the carousel format

The carousel format remains a must on Instagram in 2024. By offering a succession of images or videos, brands can tell richer and more captivating stories. Users enjoy this immersion and brands leverage this format to spark engagement and curiosity.

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The growing role of augmented reality

Augmented reality is emerging as a major trend in Instagram in 2024. AR filters and personalized visual effects allow users to create original and fun content. Brands are leveraging this technology to offer unique experiences to their audiences, thereby strengthening their positioning and notoriety.

Promoting authentic and spontaneous formats

In 2024, users are looking for more authenticity on Instagram. Raw, candid, unretouched image formats are growing in popularity. Brands that take this authentic approach create a stronger connection with their community and foster a feeling of closeness and trust.

Developments in video formats on Instagram by 2024

Over the years, Instagram has become an essential platform for sharing visual content, particularly videos. Constantly evolving, Instagram continues to innovate to offer its users an ever more immersive and engaging experience. Through this article, we will explore the trends and developments in video formats on Instagram by 2024.

New interactive video formats

Instagram has realized the importance of interactivity to generate user engagement. So, by 2024, we can expect to see new interactive video formats emerge. These formats could include features such as real-time polls, in-video quizzes or even 360-degree videos for total immersion.

Longer and more diverse videos

While the length of videos on Instagram was initially limited to 1 minute, the platform has gradually extended this limit, notably with the introduction of IGTV. By 2024, we can expect this trend to continue, allowing users to share longer and more diverse videos, thus promoting creativity and artistic expression.

The advent of augmented reality in videos

Augmented reality is a booming technology, and Instagram is no exception to this trend. By 2024, we can imagine that augmented reality will be increasingly integrated into videos on the platform. From AR filters to advanced special effects, the line between virtual and real will become increasingly blurred, providing endless possibilities for content creators.

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Optimized for maximum mobile experience

Being an application primarily used on mobile devices, Instagram pays special attention to optimizing the user experience on smartphones. By 2024, video formats on Instagram will therefore be designed to offer a maximum mobile experience, with an emphasis on visual quality, ease of navigation and compatibility with different types of devices.

In conclusion, the evolution of video formats on Instagram between now and 2024 promises to be rich in innovations and new possibilities for users and content creators. From augmented reality to interactive videos, including longer and more diverse formats, Instagram continues to position itself as a benchmark platform for visual content. It is therefore essential to stay informed of the latest trends to take full advantage of these upcoming developments.

The impact of new formats on user engagement

The evolution of formats on social networks

Social networks are experiencing a real revolution in terms of the content formats offered to users. In particular, Instagram, an image and video sharing platform, continues to innovate to offer an ever more immersive experience. This development directly impacts user engagement and the way they interact with published content.

The rise of interactive formats

Interactive formats such as stories, polls, quizzes and 360-degree videos are gaining popularity on Instagram. These formats provide a more participatory experience, encouraging users to interact more with posts. Brands that incorporate these formats into their content strategy typically see a significant increase in their engagement rates.

The emergence of immersive formats

Immersive formats like augmented reality and virtual reality are also taking an important place on Instagram. These formats allow users to live unique and fully immersive experiences, thus strengthening their engagement and encouraging them to further explore the content offered by brands.

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The trend of ephemeral formats

Ephemeral formats, like Stories, offer users a temporary and exclusive content experience. This notion of scarcity pushes users to regularly consult the stories of their subscriptions, thus generating a high engagement rate. Brands that intelligently use these ephemeral formats manage to create a special connection with their audience.

In short, the evolution of formats on Instagram and social networks in general has a major impact on user engagement. Brands that know how to adapt to these new formats and offer innovative and engaging content have everything to gain in terms of visibility, interaction and loyalty of their audience.

Strategies to adopt to take advantage of new formats on Instagram in 2024

Understanding the evolution of formats on Instagram

Instagram is constantly evolving to offer its users ever richer visual experiences. In 2024, the trends in image and video formats on this platform will continue to renew. To stay relevant and captivate your audience, it is essential to adapt to these changes by adopting effective strategies.

Optimize the use of Stories and Reels

Stories and Reels are essential formats on Instagram in 2024. To take full advantage of these features, it is recommended to vary the content offered, interact with your audience through surveys, questions or quizzes, and ‘use interactive elements such as stickers or special effects. These ephemeral formats offer excellent visibility and allow you to effectively engage your community.

Exploit long-form video formats with IGTV

IGTV is a powerful tool for sharing long-form videos on Instagram. In 2024, it is essential to optimize the use of IGTV by offering quality content, working on mini-series or tutorials, and using attractive thumbnails to encourage clicking. Videos on IGTV provide a unique opportunity to tell more complex stories and capture followers’ attention.

Use creative filters and effects

Filters and creative effects are essential elements to stand out on Instagram in 2024. By personalizing your visual content with original filters and innovative effects, it is possible to attract attention and create a unique visual universe. Using consistent filters can also strengthen an account’s visual identity and build audience loyalty.

Collaborate with content creators

Collaborating with content creators is an effective strategy to diversify your audience, gain visibility and build credibility on Instagram in 2024. By partnering with relevant influencers, artists or brand partners, it is possible to reach new followers and generate engagement. Collaborations also offer the opportunity to explore new formats and stimulate creativity.

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